Welcome to the well-being pages. 

Well-being has always been a focus in school at Redbridge Community School and our strong SEMH team and pastoral teams (led by the Heads of Year) always have pupil well-being in mind. The current Covid-19 situation has meant that many of us who have previously had very good well-being, may have struggled more than usual to cope with the many changes presented by the global pandemic.  At times like this it is more important than ever that we understand how to maintain a healthy mind and body, to support well-being and life satisfaction.  You will see below a copy of our whole school strategy for maintaining well-being, our ‘5 Ways To Well-being’.  Please review these with your young person as the first steps towards healthy mental and physical health. If, having put in place the 5 steps, you still feel you or someone in your family needs further support, please explore the linked pages in this section, where you will find many useful information sheets, links to apps, workshops and contact information for local organisations that can help and support you, your young person and your wider family. 

If you have further concerns about the well-being of your young person attending Redbridge Community School, please contact me at swebb@redbridgeschool.co.uk


Best wishes

Sarah Webb

Well-being Coordinator

Redbridge Community School

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PowerPoint - Breathing Techniques

Eating Disorders

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