KS3 Subject Intent

Geography at KS3 is designed to fill the gaps from KS2 curriculum. We aim to shape the students into well rounded, informed and inquisitive individuals. Our department’s intent is to improve literacy, Geographical knowledge and confidence in learning and using Geographical terminology. The KS3 SOW intends to provide a rich variety of new skills, opportunities to make Geographically informed decisions and to write evidence based or persuasive responses. Regardless of whether the students decide to take Geography into KS4, we hope to have prepared the students with transferable skills for literacy, confidence in making informed and evidence based decisions, structuring of enquiry and being reflective learners. H/W is based on the key knowledge and terminology of the topics.

KS4 Subject Intent

For those students that decide to opt for Geography at KS4, we strive to nurture the interest in the subject. We continue the department vision from KS3 with a greater focus on the use of Geographical terminology and knowledge in line with the expectations of the AQA marking system that shows a developing level of complexity. KS4 SOW offers a variety of opportunities to develop skills and literacy. The use of assessment is promoted as a learning opportunity for the students and allows them to reflect on their progress through in-depth feedback and redrafting. The overall aim is to promote our students to “think like a Geographer”. By this we mean to seek opportunities to address tasks, incorporating cross topic knowledge and skills. H/W continues to focus on the key knowledge and terminology and is assessed the following week.

Curriculum Implementation