Year 6 to 7 Transition

We hope that this page will provide you with some of the useful information you may require to ensure your child has a smooth transition from their primary school to Redbridge in September.


Helpful Information


Forms to Return

School Rules

  • Be on time everyday
  • Only use students’ entrances
  • Walk on the left in the corridors
  • Always bring your planner and equipment for all your lessons (pack your bags the night before)
  • Always wear your uniform
  • Settle quickly in lessons
  • Allow others to learn in class
  • Respect other people’s views
  • Hand in homework on time
  • Bullying is not acceptable
  • Your parents must contact the school on the first day of any absence
  • You must bring a note on your return to school

What do pupils need to bring to school?

  • A bag
  • Pencil case with pen, pencil and ruler
  • PE Kit (on days you have PE)

Year 7 pupils may be worried about:

  • Not making friends
  • Getting lost
  • Homework
  • Not being able to do the work
  • Getting to and from school
  • Not having the right books and equipment
  • Not knowing what to do if there is a problem
  • Getting into trouble
  • Uniform
  • Being bullied

Meet the Team

Jason Ashley - Headteacher
Stuart Ramsey - SMT Link
Nicki Franklin - Head of Year 7
Mrs Wooden - Assistant Head of Year 7
Mrs Lunn - Senco
Emma Smith - ELSA

Important Correspondence


The threshold at which students are classed as persistently absent is 90%. Therefore any student with an attendance under 90% will be referred to Educational Welfare Services. If attendance does not improve this can lead to prosecution and a criminal record. Should your son or daughter be absent from school please notify the school office at the earliest convenience with the reason. Please be aware that we do not authorise holidays.

Our school uniform is supplied by Skoolkit.

The uniform consists of:

  • A school polo top
  • School cardigan or hoody
  • Black school trousers for boys and girls
  • Plain black leggings
  • Black skirt, of reasonable length for the girls if they wish
  • Plain black footwear.

The PE kit consists of:

  • Red PE polo shirt
  • Black shorts (no leggings please)
  • Optional PE school hoody

Free School Meals

The funding received from the government with regards to Pupil Premium enables us, as a school, to offer a wide range of activities, services and experiences across the curriculum which will enrich your child’s education.

If your child is entitled to free school meals there is now an online eligibility checker and application form please follow this link ( to complete an application.

If you require assistance with this the school office are available to help you in any way possible. If your child received free school meals at Primary School this should automatically transfer to us in September.

Any concerns after the start of the new school year please contact the school office.

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