Our expectation is that students are set weekly homework tasks for all subjects in Years 9, 10 and 11.

In Years 7 and 8 they receive weekly homework in Maths and Languages, and fortnightly homework in English, Science, Geography and History. ​

The tasks set will usually be a continuation of what has been covered in class, but will sometimes be general revision for a subject, or preparing for an upcoming lesson – we call this flipped learning. ​ There are always mixed opinions about homework in every school. For younger children people will sometimes argue that homework is a waste of time, however it is now widely accepted that there is a link between homework and academic achievement for older children. Students who do their homework get better grades in secondary school and this is for two reasons:

  • Firstly homework helps develop a student’s independent learning skills – which are needed when it comes to GCSE exams and A-Levels and beyond. ​
  • Secondly practise makes perfect – and practise takes time. There are not enough hours in the school day to allow students all the time needed to embed and master what they are expected to know by year 11. Homework is a great way to give more time to a particular subject.

We hope you find the homework we set purposeful and relevant, and can see the links between time spent on homework and a students’ success in a subject. Occasionally we may fall short of our high expectations, please contact the teacher or department concerned should you have any questions or issues. Alternatively please contact me if you would like me to look into a matter on your behalf.

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