KS3 Subject Intent

Art at KS3 is designed to be an inclusive and engaging opportunity to develop confidence, resilience and expression. Experimenting, observing, recording and presenting are the fundamental disciplines taught across the 5 years.

With these, students can develop, practice and demonstrate their acquisition of knowledge and skills in an artistic, meaningful and critical way. The KS3 schemes of work intend to introduce students to a broad range of cultural, historical and influences.

Learning is brought to life through the combination of discussion, demonstration and exposure to relevant artefacts, artists and artwork. Depth is added to the creative experience through the acquisition of skills through exposure to a variety of techniques and media including printmaking, painting, drawing and 3D sculpture.

Regardless of whether students go on to choose Art at KS4, the department intends to prepare students with transferable skills such as confidence, communication, imagination and the ability to take on and respond to constructive criticism.

KS4 Subject Intent

At KS4 students will be able to personalise their creative experience with the choice of Art, Textiles or Photography. In these lessons, students will build upon their enjoyment and passion for creativity gaining access to specialist equipment and facilities.

Existing knowledge and skills from KS3 will be built upon with students introduced to the concept of independent personal projects. These provide students with meaningful starting points in which areas of art & design must be considered in a professional and methodical approach (such as audience, meaning and purpose). In addition, students have increased freedom to discover and source their own cultural and artistic links.

Critical analysis of these artists and designers allows students to develop and refine their own creative practice influencing their planning, designing and thinking. Independence and resilience are developed through exposure to techniques, media and equipment as students are asked to experiment and record in a personal and imaginative way.

The KS4 Art curriculum aims to inspire our young artists to think outside the box and equip their future selves with imagination and creativity.

Curriculum Implementation