Resource for Hearing Impaired

Welcome to Southampton’s only Resource base for secondary age hearing impaired students

The Resource and its students are an integral part of the Redbridge school community. We are fully committed to providing our students with ‘the best of both worlds’:

  • An inclusive education for students with significant levels of hearing loss. This incorporates access to a qualified and experienced support team, opportunities for individual and small group tutorial work and a hearing impaired peer group spanning the secondary age range. ​​
  • All the benefits of a placement in an outstanding mainstream secondary school, including state of the art facilities, wide ranging personalised programs of study and an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities. ​

The Resource is carried out by a team of specialist teaching assistants (TAs). The assistants have a range of experience and qualifications including CACDP; British Sign Language Level 3, Speech Processor, Troubleshooting Certificate and Emotional First Aid. ​

The team provide communication and learning support within the mainstream classes. This is complimented by regular tutorial sessions within the acoustically favourable resource setting offering opportunities for;

  • Pre- and post-lesson tutoring in Key Stage 3 and 4 subjects. ​​
  • Development of literacy, numeracy and communication skills.
  • Speech and language development.
  • Guidance on transfer and application of skills into the mainstream setting. ​​
  • Transition and careers advice.

We work in partnership with parents and a range of outside agencies to assist our students in realising their full potential academically, socially and personally.

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