KS3 Subject Intent

The KS3 Dance curriculum actively explores the three main fundamentals of performance, choreography and critical appreciation of existing professional dance works. It exposes students to a variety of themes and stimuli, crucial for developing technical and creative artistry. Students will develop a number of transferable skills, for example, cooperation, contributing/accepting ideas, leadership, deeper thinking, positively responding to feedback and committing to improving performance. Lessons are predominantly practical, providing the students with the opportunity to develop both their physical and interpretive skills. An extensive extra-curricular programme ensures students understand that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom.

KS4 Subject Intent

The KS4 curriculum is designed to deepen the students’ passion for Dance performance, choreography and critical appreciation of professional practitioners. Students will analyse live and pre-recorded works broadening their cultural exposure to professional performances. Students will have the opportunity to develop their physical and interpretive skills and apply these to existing repertoire. Students will be exposed to highly sophisticated choreographic devices to equip them with the knowledge and expertise needed to create original and complex choreography. The KS4 curriculum aims to create students that have a lifelong passion and love for Dance.

Curriculum Implementation