KS3 Subject Intent

Dance at KS3 is designed to shape all students into confident, resilent, self-disciplined and expressive dancers. The three fundamental disciplines of performance, choreography and appreciation underpin the Dance curriculum developing in depth and complexity over five years. The KS3 schemes of work intend to introduce the three disciplines whilst exposing student s to a range of styles, practitioners and stimuli to enhance crearivity. Regardless of whether students go on to choose Dance at KS4, the department intends to prepare students with tranferrable skills such as confidence, communication, self- discipline, leadership, the ability to take on and respond to constructive critisism.

KS4 Subject Intent

Once students decide to continue their journey into KS4, the Dance department endaevour to nurture the students’ passion for Dance ignited at KS3. This means that the three fundamental disciplines develop in intensity and complexity whilst broadening their cultural exposure to professional work. The KS4 schemes of work intedn to offer a range of opportunities for students to watch and analyse live and pre-recorded work as well as develop physical and interpretive skills enabling the application of these skills to existing repertoire. The KS4 Dance curriculum aims to ispire passionate dancers to aspire to choreographic, performance and appreciation of dance work beyond Redbridge.

Curriculum Implementation