Resistant Materials

KS3 Subject Intent

KS3 resistant Materials is aimed at giving pupils the opportunity to use the Design and Make aspects of the subject to explore the use of tools, equipment, machines, processes and materials in a workshop setting.

It is also aimed at unifying a curriculum for pupils who have had little and/or a varied programme of Technology education at KS2.

The practical elements of the subject are the key focus of activities, giving pupils the confidence in using machines and equipment in an unfamiliar context.

Pupils should see that they have been able to produce an item for which they have had an individual impact on some aspects of its design and all aspects of its manufacture.

By the end of YR8 pupils should have an understanding of the main areas of the subject and a confidence in leading to a basis for subject choice.


KS4 Subject Intent

The overall intent at this stage is to prepare pupils for the GCSE coursework element of the final exam and the theory work for the written part. Pupils need to be motivated by practical work and this will be accessed through projects that increase in complexity and design input as the course progresses.

Projects include :- Key Holder, Puzzle, Christmas Decoration, Container and box. These projects include a variety of manufacturing processes and materials. this allows the teaching of theory alongside practical work and gives pupils an understanding of how materials work together and where material choice is appropriate.

These projects increase in complexity to the point where pupils make choices for their final projects based on knowledge and skills gained in a broad range.

The intention of the final coursework is to provide an ongoing process of written, drawn and practical modelling and manufacture to enable pupils to maximise their coursework element of the final exam.

The intention is for pupils to finish coursework by the February half term to enable an in depth study of the theory side of the final exam which is quite separate from coursework.


KS3 Subject Intent

The KS3 Food Technonlgy curriculum is designed to develop all students into confident, skilful, knowledgeable and articulate individuals who have a love for a subject which develops essential life skills which they can take forward into the upper school and hopefully transfer to home. The KS 3 scheme of work is broken into 2 blocks of 10 weeks within the creative subjcts rotation. Essentially the students will learn a range of practical skills using a variety of ingredients and equipment, they will learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and how nutrition is essential to the healthy functioning of the body and mind. In addition they will be requied to respond to clear guidance and also work safely as part of a team, helping one another during lessons.


KS4 Subject Intent

At Key stage 4 the students who opt to choose Food will be following the GCSE AQA Food Preparation and Nutrition course during which time the students passion for cooking will be nurtured and their practical skills developed to a higher level in the planning, adapting designing and making of a wide range of recipes to suit a variety of lifestyles. Their understanding of the chemical and functional properties of food alongside the nutriotnal benefits  of a healthy diet will closely link with aspects of science and PE. In addition they will also learn about the environmental impact of consumer  choice and food production.

Curriculum Implementation