French KS3 Subject Intent

The KS3 French syllabus has been re-designed to cover all of the National Curriculum’s

topics and grammatical points in an order that facilitates consistent understanding and

knowledge retention for Redbridge modern foreign language students.
It has been re-organised to be more logical for learners of a variety of abilities; namely to

consolidate knowledge for lower attainers and to develop independence and linguistic

creativity for higher attainers.
By the end of KS3, students’ core grammar knowledge is well established, allowing for further 
development during KS4.
Extra vocabulary knowledge is also introduced to ensure that all students are better equipment for further skill development in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.
Students will feel confident in combining their vocabulary and grammatical knowledge so that they are able to use their skills in a working context.

French KS4 Subject Intent

The KS4 French syllabus consolidates the knowledge (attained in KS3) of grammatical points and more complex grammatical rules are introduced and practised.
All tenses are covered and revisited in detail and the subjunctive rule, which is not a required field of study at KS4, is introduced to encourage higher attainers who are passionate enough about languages to want and continue with them in higher education.
Students learn to understand about grammar structures alongside topic based vocabulary so that they develop the confidence and the independence to manipulate the modern language successfully, This allows for greater creativity in all of the four skill areas.

Curriculum Implementation