KS3 Subject Intent

Drama at KS3 is designed to develop build confidence in all students and develop key skills in communication, problem solving, creative thinking and teamwork as well as fostering in students a passion and excitement for the subject coupled with the fundamental skills of performance. The Drama curriculum aims to expose students to a range of styles and genres and is underpinned by exploration of the following key areas which develop in depth and complexity over the two years:

  • Interpreting text for performance
  • Creating devised Drama
  • Application of Drama skills in performance
  • Evaluating and analysing performance work


KS4 Subject Intent

Once students decide to continue their journey into KS4, the department aims to imbue the students with a real passion for all aspects of Drama. The key areas of interpreting, creating, applying and evaluating will be developed in intensity and complexity with a continual drive for excellence in all aspects of performance and written communication.
The curriculum will expose students to a wide range of practitioners, playwrights, genres and performances (both live and recorded). The KS4 Drama curriculum aims to inspire passionate performers who will aspire to all aspects of performance and appreciation of Drama beyond their time at Redbridge.

Curriculum Implementation