Subject Intent


In Years 7 and 8 the lessons taught will cover all of the KS3 National curriculum with Year 9 consolidating, developing and expanding upon this content whilst also introducing some of the fundamental content needed at GCSE.


In KS4 there are two pathways in which Science is taught – GCSE Combined Science (a double award GCSE which the majority of students complete) and Separate Sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics – three separate GCSEs which a small number of students have the opportunity to take). The content of the two courses is similar, however the Separate Sciences contains additional material. This extra material is either further detail within existing topics or entirely new topics not covered within the Combined Science award. Although material for GCSE is largely dependent on Exam Board specification, content will also fall within the 15 “Big Ideas” of Science seen at KS3.

Whichever course students embark upon, the Sciences can be seen as extremely “content-heavy”. During lessons we will attempt to balance this content with the necessary practical skills that students will need to obtain data, as well as promoting real-world Science to make what students are learning relevant and topical. In years 10 and 11 we will build upon the basics taught at KS3, as well as building on knowledge from previous topics in the Key Stage to ensure knowledge is revisited and embedded, ensuring students have the relevant knowledge and skills needed for their GCSE exams.

Curriculum Implementation