St Giles Trust Knife Crime Prevention Assembly

On the 25th of April and the first day back to school, all year groups had the chance to experience an assembly led by Richard from St. Giles Trust.

The assembly was about the dangers of knife crime and encouraged students to think about what could go wrong if they make the wrong decisions or choose to spend time with people who make the wrong decisions.

In the assembly, Richard described his youth and explained his interactions with the police. He explained the people that he used to be friends with and the disgusting living conditions he had to live in due to his life choices. He explained that the people who he was involved with were doing drugs and also distributing them.

Hard hitting. Very real. An eye-opener.

Mr Dean, Head of Year 10

Richard went on to explain that he was made to sell drugs too, and described how he had to live in a tiny apartment that smelled like crime as if your nose was being assaulted. He said that those same people who made him sell drugs told him to take a 10inch knife that they supplied for “safety”. However, within the next few seconds they told him to pull out the knife on anyone that might be suspicious at all. He says that his friends have died to the blade, and he has been stabbed before. He has been stabbed in his leg causing a limp. Does that sound like safety to you?

Mr. Ashley, Headteacher, said said “I am proud of our association with the St. Giles Trust in our drive to reduce knife crime in Southampton. They are rightly hard hitting, showing the duration of victims, their families and friends. Our speaker told truth in detail how knives had impacted him personally. St. Giles Trust are the most effective anti-knife crime charity in the country.”

Leo Lovell – Student Journalist

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