Class 7E Science Practical

Class 7E Science have been doing a practical experiment today, investigating the accuracy of different measuring cylinders.

Thank you Mrs Mason

A huge thank you to the incredible Mrs Mason for the hard work, time, dedication and effort put into making our students Outdoor Education and experiences so special. You are a true asset to Redbridge.

Touch Typing in Computer Science

Class 10E learning to touch type in Computer Science. Want to be more creative, productive and accurate? Why not check out It’s tougher than it looks!

Our Book Vending Machine

At Redbridge, we love reading for pleasure and know that our students do too. Our vendingmachine is full of the best titles you can find and we want all of our students to have theOPPORTUNITY to own them. You can win a token in a variety of ways – from being a RESPECTFUL and helpful […]

Dance Department News!

We have had a wonderful start to the term in the Dance Department. Our sign-up for ‘Dance Live!’ was a success on Friday with high numbers of students keen to take part. Dance Live! is a new event for us at Redbridge. It involves a 5-7 minute performance at Portsmouth Guildhall in February 2023. As […]

Incredible Opportunity for Redbridge Students

A group of our students were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to attend a sailing taster day this weekend. The event was organised by Southampton Boat Show, and everyone had a fantastic time!

Year 11 Science Practical

This week Year 11 Science are doing practical experiments investigating ‘Resistance’. Here is Mr Philpott’s class building circuits and looking at the relationship between potential difference, current and resistance for a resistor.

Our new Guinea Pigs

Meet the 2 newest members of the Redbridge family – Eugene and Seymour! These handsome little fellas are already making quite the impression within school and have settled well into their new home.