British Values

Redbridge Community School wholeheartedly supports the very notion of Britishness within the school and the wider community. Understanding that we live in a British world where all inhabitants of the British political system and world experience models of the economy, continue to be influenced by British culture is very much something that should be celebrated and recognised. Defining Britishness will invariably be difficult given the past and on-going influence of Great Britain.


The very notion goes beyond simple, genuine headings, but rather a commitment from the school community to identify the unique aspects of being British – understood by both the school community and the wider context.

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The following list we have defined as British Values:


  1. The Rule of law

  2. British heritage

  3. Mutual respect and the promotion of pragmatic behaviour

  4. Fair play

  5. Politeness and good manners

  6. Support for the underdog

  7. Britain’s cultural influence

  8. Promotion of excellence

  9. Opportunity by hard work

  10. Sense of humour


We strongly believe that our school values of Aspiration, Respect, Opportunity and Excellence promote the very core of what it means to be British.


1.     The Rule of law


The promotion of the respect for authority, rules and the law; understanding how rules and laws are made and their specific role in promoting a fair, just and equal society.

2.     British heritage 

Understanding the role of Great Britain throughout the ages in both a local, national and international context. Promoting deep understanding of how Great Britain has influenced the world in political, economic and social terms by the promotion of democracy, commerce, social justice and inventions that changed the world.


3.     Mutual respect and the promotion of pragmatic behaviour


An active promotion of ‘live and let live’ by recognising that different groups of people contribute successfully to a diverse and well-structured society. Promoting high level of self-esteem engaging all members of the school community to self-actualisation. Understanding how Britain has promoted a high level of pragmatism in absorbing elements of other cultures (in particular from within the British empire and the wider world) and developing these ideas, facts and influence further.    


4.     Fair play 


The open promotion of respect for rules and/ or equal treatment of all concerned. Whilst understanding rules can promote unjust situations that require resolution in an open and pragmatic way.


5.     Politeness and good manners 


Installing a sense of moral duty and ambition supported by a sense of self-discipline and discovery.


6.     Support for the ‘underdog’ 


The empowerment of those less fortunate in a given circumstance where support for success is explicitly offered. Supported by a ‘let’s get on with it’ mentality.


7.     Britain’s cultural influence 


Understanding the role Britain has played in promoting a British culture with explicit reference to inventions, innovations, commerce, film, television, music and computing (social media/ internet).


8.     Promotion of excellence 


A desire to be the very best by pursuing excellence, learning the value of less and magnanimity, learning from mistakes so personal strategies can be developed to reach excellence.


9.     Opportunity by hard work


Promoting meritocracy so all students understand that focussed hard work and practise lead to a sense of whole person development and success.


10.   Sense Of Humour


Understanding and promoting the uniqueness of British humour to develop rapport and promote positive relationships – instilling a sense of ‘banter’ whilst developing an ability to ‘laugh at one’s self’ and not take all things in life too seriously.