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We run a bespoke careers programme for students in Year 7 to 11


During extended tutor sessions, Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 students receive careers information, advice and guidance tailored to their requirements via PSHE sessions. Year 11 spend this time generating CV’s and researching potential careers and applying for Colleges/Apprenticeships.


Year 10 students also have access to one week Work Experience placements, these are all health and safety checked by Hampshire Futures (Hants County Council). Students can either source their own placement, or request a placement to be found for them.


Every Year 11 student receives 1:1 careers guidance and application help from our specialist careers advisor.  There is also an opportunity to attend a Careers/College Evening where students can network with all colleges in the local area, apprenticeship providers, uniformed services and businesses across all sectors. To further prepare them for life beyond school, a Mock Interview day is programmed in to the school calendar; local business people offer feedback and guidance on each individual interview and CV.

Year 9 students are offered opportunities to attend work place visits via the ‘Step Into’ programme. Trips involve tours to numerous sectors including sport, retail and hospitality venues

Subject Specific Careers - 'What career could I have?'


Flying Start Southampton


Providing support, information and advice on further education, apprenticeships and future employment options. Visit the below link -  

To aid all Redbridge students in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance the following documents go into further detail on how students are prepared for life after Redbridge.

The below resource allows students to access a catalogue of different job types, they can then access video clips of professionals talking about their career path, what the job entails etc.

Year 11 - Useful Careers Websites

Very user friendly job profiles including qualifications needed. Careers using different subjects and local colleges that offer related courses. Apprenticeship and job vacancies (if asked for a code when registering, ignore it, there isn’t one)

Lots to have a look at and browse on this website. A good place to start is the blue ‘Start with you’ section:

Once selected, there are lots of tiles to choose to look at. I recommend ‘Quizzes to get started’ as there are a number of really useful quizzes to help identify potential careers including:

  • ‘CareerPilot job sector quiz’

  • iCould Buzz quiz

  • SACU Spartan test

‘eCLIPS’: this is another careers search tool. Our school password is ‘fooska94’

similar to the above websites, but again quite useful in researching potential career paths

Career companion CV creator – pupils use example CV and ‘skills’ handout to complete a CV


Hampshire Futures Careers Resources


Our collection of career videos now cover 28 different industry sectors as well as CV writing, choosing post 16 options and advice for those that don't know what they want to do. All the interactive videos and a handy road map to support students navigating the topics covered, are available for free by visiting interactive videos


As well as these amazing videos, we are continuously updating our website with new resources and information at Hampshire Futures Careers Information Service. 

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Key Points

  • 2019 NEET figures are 3.61% (City average is 3.19%)

  • NEET figures are down from 2018 (5.76% in 2018)

  • Liaison with Southampton City Council indicate that 5 of the 7 NEET students are currently receiving support from Youth Options or STEP

  • City College and Taunton College remain the school’s most popular destinations post 16 with Barton Peveril now a close third (36 students went to Taunton, 32 to Barton Peveril).

Cross-Curricular Digital Booklets

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