Year 5 & 6

Thank you for taking the time to read this dedicated section for Year 5 and Year 6 parents.


At Redbridge we appreciate this is a time when you are making a decision for the next stage of your child's education. The testimonials on this page are genuine and we would encourage you to visit the school for a tour at any time. In fact, we encourage you to select the day and time of day!


The last three years have seen the school move away from a 100% coursework based curriculum designed to 'play the system' rather than meet the needs, wants and aspirations of our community. Academic subjects have been reintroduced and with some, understandable, minor setbacks with GCSE results we are forging an onwards and upwards plan. You are making a decision for the schooling of your child based on the progress they will make in the next 5 years rather than a reflection of a cohort of students who completed their studies 5-6 years ago. Anyhow we can make some important statements:


  • We want our students to love school and have a love of learning where they are excited every day!


  • Our students are happy! How do we know? Because they feel confident in telling us when they are and when they are not! It is almost school policy to laugh and have fun, the best way to learn!


  • We don't ever claim to be perfect. We pride ourselves on our honesty and loyalty to our students and when we get it wrong, we learn from it and apologise.


  • We invite parents to share their views. We have a very active Parent Forum and we now have more Parent governors than ever before! 


  • In September 2016, we are pleased to announce we are fully staffed with well qualified teachers teaching the subjects they are trained to teach. We are proud of this and we have English specialists teaching English, Mathematicians teaching Maths and Scientists teaching Science!


  • We are still the first preference school on the West side of Southampton and we were full in Year 7 in 2015 and again in 2016. We work hard to build a lasting reputation in our community. 


  • Students in Year 7 are taught GCSE content in their lessons and begin formally their GCSEs in Year 9. Our self-designed and 'sophisticated assessment system' (Ofsted 2016) tests knowledge recall and application of skills. We don't use Levels as they are not rigorous enough and our students deserve better!


  • And finally, we don't offer lesser GCSEs like the iGCSE in English that many schools use to play the system. Education must be about your child, not about boosting league table positions, so our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our students.


  • Don't just take it from us please look at our parental satisfaction surveys below from our parents in 2015. We keep the originals to show we don't simply make them up! Ask to see them if you wish. 


  • The parental testimonials were from a recent open school day for existing parents. So please come in and see us for yourselves. If you wish to ask questions, or to make a visit - please email me on

  • Don't just take it from us please look at our parental satisfaction surveys below from our parents in 2015. We keep the originals to show we don't simply make them up! Ask to see them if you wish. 



Parent Testimonials

"Thank you so much for arranging the tour, my lovely thank you letter and personal note.


I feel the recent Ofsted inspection result was unfair with all the hard work, time and dedication you and your team put into every students education. You all have so much to be proud of.  I am very proud. 


I have no worries and no reassurance required, what I saw, felt and experienced on my visit is simply amazing. 


Looking forward to hearing and seeing the exciting challenges ahead and hope my daughter will get the opportunity to be apart of them. 


There has not been a moment in my daughter's education at Redbridge that she has not enjoyed, not wanted to learn and has been 100% dedicated to her education and her



Every morning she wakes up with enthusiasm to go to school and every evening I come in from work she's at her desk doing homework or revision, sometimes both. I can not ask anymore than that. 


Thank you to everyone at Redbridge Community school."

Redbridge Parent

​T"hank you for taking the time to show me Redbridge School last week. After the school's recent Ofsted inspection I was keen to experience the school in a working environment. Every part of the tour was a joy to experience. 


The teachers were passionate and enthusiastic about the subjects they were teaching. Equally, the students were focused and engaged in what they were being taught. The school always has a genuine feeling of warmth and caring attitude towards its students and wants everyone to achieve the best that they can whatever level they aspire to.


My son is in Year 7 and is currently doing "The Redbridge challenge". This involves a physical challenge which is a sailing course and a community challenge of maintaining the garden area of the school. These are great life experiences which, will not only challenge my child but will also enrich the whole school.


My child looks forward to coming to school every day and is happy and fulfilled when he returns. As a parent, this is all I could hope for. 


Please keep up the brilliant work you and your staff are doing!"

Year 7 Redbridge Parent

"Thank you for the invitation to take a tour of Redbridge School last week. I really enjoyed seeing the school in action. Behaviour was amazing and there was such a lovely positive atmosphere around the School. 


Both my children (Year 7 and Year 10) love the School and have excelled academically through their timetabled lessons, curriculum support and also the most able programme. I have no doubt that they will both achieve to the best of their ability whilst at Redbridge, thanks to a wonderful team of teachers."


Please pass on my thanks to them.

Redbridge Parent

"Sorry for not sending you an email sooner to express my gratitude and to say thank you for the very informative tour I had last Wednesday. It is something I have always wanted to do so thank you for making this possible.I loved every minute of my tour; I could have stayed all day. Seeing the focus and concentration on the pupil’s faces, priceless.In some classes you could hear a pin drop and in others was excitement and laughter in learning, a good balance to see.I honestly did not expect it to be so quiet in the corridors and with your open door policy, very little noise was heard other than the teachers explaining and the pupils answering.


Each class we visited had a different lay out and seeing the pupils work on display must be a great sense of achievement to them.Your colleagues were very accommodating with the little disruption to their lesson. It was nice to be explained to what they were teaching. The posters on the doors letting the pupil know what book their teacher is reading, is brilliant - such a great idea. I have always thought the positive comments and posters around the school are very inspirational.


Please pass on my thanks to all your colleagues and the pupils for making my tour a memorable experience, as always they do your school proud. I have never had any doubts about Redbridge and going on the tour backed up what I have always felt. I am extremely thankful for the education and support you always give my child. I just hope the next 14 months slow down or if you could find me a pause button that would be great as I am not ready for my daughter to finish school! I have no concerns to mention or raise, please keep doing what you’re doing.


Thank you so much!"

Redbridge Parent


Parent Feedback

Please find some quotes taken from parent feedback to the school this year. We have left quotes anonymous to protect identity of parents and students referenced. If you would like to contact us with your own feedback then please fill out an online feedback form.


"We think the encouragement you give pupils is fantastic!"


"Rewarding children that do well in their work but also rewarding them for attitude, behaviour and attendance.

It's all very good !"


"... has confidence now, where he didn't before. I am convinced that the school is largely responsible for this."


"You must certainly do well at putting the new children to ease, as ...

has come home happy and full of info on the days events. every day"


" I believe the school does GCSE pathways and period 7's very well and has some very good teaching staff"


"My daughter ... comes home happy from school and actually wants to tell me all about her

days and what she is learning"


"I think you do well in the way you show pupils how good they are, and what they have achieved."


"...was being bullied, we spoke to the school and immediately you put a stop to it &

also kept us informed of everthing that was happening"


"Issues are dealt with swiftly and fairly & also parents are given good input into resolving problems when they occur."


"We like the fact that unlike some schools you are prepared to give those

you have highlighted as gifted and talented, suitable schooling"


"The school magazine gave me great info about school opportunites which I encouraged my

daughter to to join in with...she wouldn't have joined DofE for example, which she loves"


"I think the school are very good at listening and acting on anything that is brought to their attention"