Community Governor at Redbridge Community School

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Contract Type: Volunteer

We are looking for a new member of the school’s governing body. The role is ideal for local business people who wish to work with the governing body and the school team to continue to get the very best for our school and the wider community that the school serves.

This is a voluntary role but expenses can be covered.

The role of the governing body is to offer support and challenge to the school. The governing body plans the strategic direction of a school, makes sure public money is well spent and holds the leadership to account.  The five main responsibilities are –

  • Setting the ethos and values of the school
  • Holding the leadership to account
  • Balancing support with challenge
  • Distinguishing between help and interference
  • Taking responsibility for the wellbeing of the Head teacher

Trust is crucial between governors and staff; governors act as a ‘critical friend’, whilst providing both challenge and support.

The role requires a commitment of attending approximately one evening meeting per month lasting around one hour and thirty minutes.  Governors who wish to give additional commitment are always appreciated, and many governors choose to attend additional school functions or share their professional expertise with the governing body.

Please contact the Head Teacher at if you would like more information, or complete the attached application form and return to if you would like to be considered for the post.


September 30, 2022