Year 7 Catch-up Math Class

On Monday 9th May, 2022, a group of students were assigned to a three 1 hour session of learning Mathematics. This was given to them to help them keep pace with their fellow classmates and to ensure them a passing grade. 

In the first period, the students were allocated some work to carry out on the following topics: mean, median, mode and range. For the working time, the teacher gave all the students a code breaker; they had to find the numbers and then solve the mean, median and mode.

These areas of Mathematics are important as they are the foundation of GCSE Math. It is also a transferable life skill, and it can be used in the future seeing as they are a requirement for lots of jobs today.

As the second session reached, the students’ focus fell upon another category of math which was averages. This period was a bit more exciting for the students as well as the teachers because it was a more practical class.

After the first ten minutes since the class began, the teachers escorted all the students downstairs to the schools’ astro to play a game involving the finding of averages. Before the game started, the students had to pair up to participate; a student from each group had to run across the field and their partner would record the time they ran from one end of the field to the other.

Afterwards, the students had to collect the data of all their time spans and calculate their averages. They also did star jumps and were timed. Thereafter, they compared their data to one another.

When the third session came, the students had already been rested due to the break time before then. The final lesson was based on the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. They attempted both written and practice questions. 

At the end of the entire session, the teacher looked through all of their answers. The students all had different answers because they solved their mean, median, mode and range on different bases like: hand length, shoe size, height, etc.

Following that, the teacher collected surveys from all around the UK and the students all compared their results to each other.

The students really enjoyed the time spent in the class. They said that it was easier than learning in a larger group and it was more fun. A student said that she loved the fact that they went outside to the astro and performed some physical activities.

There will be one more three hour session before the end of the year and hopefully, the students will really enjoy it as well.

Written by C. Ojiego, Year 10

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