Year 7 Bushcraft

This half term Mr Ashley gave the Year 7 team an exciting opportunity to take 12 pupils to Embers Bushcraft in Meon Valley. 

The tutor team selected 12 pupils who we felt would benefit from a confidence, self-esteem and resilience boost. They fully embraced this opportunity and represented the year group fantastically. 

The first day we went to the forest they learnt how to build a fire, toasted marshmallows and made smores and competed in archery and shooting air rifles.  Some pupils also got VERY muddy! 

The second day was freezing but this did not deter the pupils. We arrived at a big fire and hot chocolates to warm us up. Pupils then learnt how to carve wood with knives and were able to make tent pegs. We then made calzones to cook on the campfire. 

The pupils had huge smiles on their faces, formed friendships with eachother and definitely grew in confidence. It was a pleasure for Mrs Chainey, Mr Waterson and myself to watch them flourish in the outdoors environment. 

We hope to take more pupils in the future!

Other News

June 20, 2024
In celebration of Pride Month, a small group of students in years 7-10 took part in some creative writing workshops this week, to write poems, short stories and speeches about what pride means, and celebrating our individuality 🏳️‍🌈🌈
June 18, 2024
The exciting, new online Maths homework ‘Sparx’ Maths was launched only 2 weeks ago and already one student has levelled up with 10,000 XP.  Congratulations!
June 17, 2024
Please join us for our Recruitment Event 3-5pm on Wednesday 3rd July 2024!
June 12, 2024
Club Taishikan 2024!: Our Japanese Club Students took a Trip to London’s V&A Museum: The Japanese Embassy. A great opportunity to learn more about Japanese Culture and further our learning
May 22, 2024
May 20, 2024
Engaging lesson in progress! Students in ICT are learning to create flowcharts for controlling pelican crossings using Flowol. Our dedicated ICT teacher is explaining traffic flow control to students. Preparing the next generation of tech-savvy individuals!