Our Winners at a Science Competition at Southampton University

Some of our Science students took part in a competition called “If you were an engineer what would you do?” They had to decide on a problem and then come up with a solution to it. They had to draw designs and then write a letter to an engineer about why it should be built.

Winning entries were then in an exhibition at Southampton University, and an Awards Ceremony was held to crown the winners.

There were 48,000 entries to this competition this year so it is an amazing achievement to win. There were only two winners in each age group category in each region (South East).

L Davies (Year 9) designed a device that can be used by people who are paralysed which links to an app on their phones and allows them to move around as abled-bodied people would.

C Ward (Year 10) designed a device which includes a hat and a backpack containing solar panels which was connected to and charged a powerbank which can be used to charge phones etc when out camping / on DofE etc.

M Rahim (Year 10) designed a flower pot that detects exactly what a plant needs to survive and flourish in order to help you grow your house plants.

They were all awarded a trophy and framed certificates. Well done!

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