An ALL-YEAR Competition!

Over the past few weeks, an all-year competition has been brought to light to see which tutor group at Redbridge Community School will go to THORPE PARK Resort, one of the most thrilling amusement parks in England!

Thorpe Park is home to over 30 rides and attractions, including the UK’s fastest roller coaster, Stealth. There are a variety of rides to experience, ranging from roller coasters to water slides. Recently, Thorpe Park has even launched their all-new attraction: the Black Mirror Labyrinth, a twisted, sensory–defying maze inspired by the Black Mirror universe! Who would not want to go?

But how do students attend?

A pair of our student journalists interviewed Mr Hoyle, director of the competition, to give more information on the race for Thorpe Park, as well as receiving a student’s thoughts on the trip!

What is the competition about? How do I enter?

The competition is a challenge for all-year tutor groups to amass the most amount of behavior points and awards over the year. Every behavior point handed out is added to the group score of each form. The top-performing tutor group at the end of the year with the most awards will get to go to Thorpe Park! To enter the competition, students must be part of the winning tutor group. As long as they are part of the tutor group then they get to go on the trip. So do your best!

What is in it for me, a student?

“A day of fun, a day of freedom, a day of thorpe park.” said Mr Hoyle. The competition gives hope to students to work hard; it gives behavior points a value and reason to be earned. It makes students motivated that they are working towards something fun to experience at the end of the year. The students’ efforts towards their learning should be seen and rewarded!

How much does it cost to go and when will the trip happen?

The trip will be free for students of the winning tutor group, so don’t worry, just keep working hard! The trip will be either in the last week of July 2022 or first week of back in September next academic year.

Students will travel to Thorpe Park by the school mini-buses and return by the end of the day.

We also interviewed a student part of the winning tutor group in Year 10, to tell us what they think about this competition. The student said that they think “it will encourage young students to be well behaved because people will enjoy going to Thorpe Park, especially if they go with their friends.” They said they think students will enjoy the trip, so it is worth working hard to get to go with their classmates and teachers.

This is definitely a unique and exciting opportunity for all students to participate in. Every behavior point makes a difference towards your chance of winning, so go acquire those awards!

Good luck, Redbridge!

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