Dance Department News!

We have had a wonderful start to the term in the Dance Department. Our sign-up for ‘Dance Live!’ was a success on Friday with high numbers of students keen to take part. Dance Live! is a new event for us at Redbridge. It involves a 5-7 minute performance at Portsmouth Guildhall in February 2023. As well as dancers, we require actors and an extensive technical team. Rehearsals start next Tuesday. Speak to the Dance or Drama department for more information.

In curriculum time, Year 7’s have made an impressive start to their dance studies at Redbridge.

Year 8 have impressed us with their creativity in their Parkour unit.

Year 9 have made an excellent start to their Dance option and are taking part in technique classes with maturity and determination.

Year 10 students have been exploring motif development and have been creating some sophisticated developments so far. Year 11 have embarked on their Component 2 exam preparation and are dancing well!

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