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KS3 Subject Content

Year 8

Textiles at KS3 is delivered as part of the technology rotation. The unit generally lasts between 7 - 9 weeks and is designed to give a taste of the learning and opportunities that Textiles can offer.


We begin with an introduction to Mexican Day of the Dead and learn about the festival and the customs associated with it. Students design a Sugar Skull to go on a cushion. Students will learn how to use the sewing machine and will learn about Health and Safety in the textiles room. They will then go on to design and make a cushion using applique and decoration such as embroidery and beading.


Students are assessed on their knowledge and skills at the end of the unit.


KS4 Subject Content

Year 9

The Redbridge Community School Art department offers three engaging creative pathways. Learners can choose to continue with Textiles as part of the KS4 options process. The qualification they receive is the same as the Art pathway (Btec Tech Award: Art & design practice) however the focus is on key textile skills such as using the sewing machine, construction, and mastering textile textile techniques such as applique, trapunto, felting and fabric manipulation.

The year is intended as a foundation year for developing skills and is an introduction to the Btec course.



Year 10 & 11


Qualification Name: BTEC Tech Award: Art & Design Practice

Exam board: Pearson

Art at Key Stage 4 is arranged into three subject specialist areas - Art and Design, Art Textiles and Photography. Students choosing to this Btec pathway will focus on Textiles based skills.


Students will be required to fulfil the BTEC objectives of receiving and responding to client briefs. These are tasks that teach students how to design and produce a product and consider real-life issues like branding, audience and purpose. Progress will be made by producing evidence and analysis of research, experiments, recording ideas and successfully designing and presenting a product or brand.


Student will explore themes such as ‘environment, activism, the human body, social diversity and then and now’. Students will explore specialist materials and techniques such as dressmaking, printing, embroidery, felting, fabric manipulation and hand sewing. The year 10 course is designed to cover all textile media’s broadly and allow students to specialise in Year 11.

Assessment for the Btec Tech Award is split into 2 components:

Component 1 and 2 (60%)

The requirements are at least 1 complete project (that responds to the client brief and produces a suitable product). This project must include practical evidence (worth 30%) and written evidence (worth 30%).


Component 2 (40%)

In addition, students must complete a single controlled assessment task (that responds to the client brief and produces a suitable product). In addition to written and practical evidence, this project must be presented digitally and evaluation paperwork will need to be completed. During this component, students will need to complete a period of controlled practical work in exam conditions, demonstrating their ability to work independently and without teacher support.


There is no maximum limit to the amount of practical work that can be produced though students are encouraged to refine and select from their work during year 10 and 11.

The course has a compulsory element of writing and drawing where students are expected to research and write about themes and ideas, analyse artists work in detail and annotate and evaluate their own work.

In year 9 and 10 students are expected to visit galleries and museums in order for them to broaden their artistic experience.

For further information please contact Mr J Clemmens - Textiles Co-ordinator - jclemmens@redbridgeschool.co.uk


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