Mr B Shearer - Head of Technology (Teacher of Resistant Materials)


Mrs S Chainey - Second in Technology (Teacher of Food)


KS3 Subject Content


Year 7 and 8 have a Creative rotation. Pupils work in four areas over the school year.



KS4 Subject Content

Qualification Name: Resistant Materials

Exam board: WJEC


Resistant Materials is a GCSE qualification based on a 50% coursework element and a 50% final examination. In year 10 pupils work on skills, knowledge and understanding in a variety of materials and contexts. This prepares pupils for the final coursework which starts at the very end of year 10 and continues until February half term.

Qualification Name: Food Preparation & Nutrition

Exam board: AQA

The GCSE qualification is based upon 50% coursework (broken down into two pieces of controlled assessment) and a 50% final exam. Key areas of study include-the food and drink industry, job roles, health and hygiene, food preparation and, nutrition and meal planning. 

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