Staff Morale Matters

Investors in People Platinum Award School


The IIP Platinum accreditation is the highest accolade that can be achieved against the Investors in People Standard and is currently held by only 1% of IIP accredited organisations who have truly met and advanced the expectations of our framework. Built on the three pillars of Leading, Supporting and Improving, the IIP framework sets out what it takes to deliver a people management system that enables organisations to succeed by realising the potential of their people.

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Redbridge Community School believes that our staff and our students are our greatest asset. The two qualities we look for in our appointments are personality and potential. Our staff morale is high because we listen to ideas and views to shape the vibe and ethos of the school.


Vibrant staff lead to vibrant students, which leads to a vibrant and motivating school.


We offer our staff:


  • Private medical health insurance

  • A range of opportunities for promotion

  • High quality training

  • A sympathetic meeting pattern to support work/ life balance

  • Monday night is meeting night until 4:00 pm

  • Evening school events are always on a Thursday

  • Requests for time off for personal events are met with a supportive response – this is normally paid

  • A VIP Hub staff/ student room

We hope at some stage you consider Redbridge Community School to be the perfect choice for your career development!


Please                                     if you wish to discuss your career opportunities.


Continuing Professional Development at Redbridge


CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards the enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.

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Staff Comments

"I came to Redbridge from a school which, to use a euphemism, was far from being good, or even professional. It was at a time in my life when I was thinking about giving up teaching altogether, as I had reached a wall. However, accepting the post of Head of Languages at Redbridge has been the best decision I have ever taken professionally. It has completely changed my way of teaching, as since my starting day there, I have been given many opportunities to attend excellent courses, internal or external. My vision of teaching has changed and my techniques have improved massively. After four years here, I am back to loving my job, which is more like a vocation to me, and enjoying working with a fantastic team, from the efficient Senior Management team, to the super friendly and lovely ladies in the office. I feel valued and supported every day, in everything I do. This school has raised the bar of my expectations on many levels and I am just really grateful to be a part of it."

Mrs A Miles, Head of MFL

"Working at Redbridge has been and continues to be an amazing experience. Redbridge has supported me since day one by helping me to work and obtain a Visa in the UK.  The teaching and leadership here are inspiring; teachers are frequently trying innovative ways of teaching and sharing all of their best practice. The students are respectful and really appreciative of what you do for them each day; the relationships created are strong and last well beyond the classroom.  With a school so friendly and enthusiastic you can’t help but be excited to come into work!"

Mrs L Browning, Second in Maths

"I have worked at Redbridge for seven years and it truly is a great place to work. Every day is different and each day brings new challenges. The students are happy and seeing them grow emotionally, physically, and educationally over the years is very rewarding. They have amazing personalities and are always making me laugh. Redbridge has a very supportive ethos where we are encouraged to try new things and run with ideas we have, this has allowed me to develop my teaching and have great success with students. There is a great team feeling within the staff as we all work collectively towards a common goal centred on improving the lives of all students. The school is always moving forwards, and you really do want to be part of it."

Mrs K Wallance, Second in Science

"Redbridge has been a place where I have been supported on many levels. From my NQT year, my NQT +1 and lately with extra responsibilities that I have gained. This is not just a school, but a community with a chance for your voice to be heard. It's great being able to tell friends and family that I love my job, not many people can say that!"

Mrs E Purdue, Progress Leader / Teacher of Drama