Sex & Relationship Education & Provision

Aspects of sex and relationships education (SRE) are delivered in Science during KS3. This deals with human reproduction and is delivered in accordance to National Curriculum guidelines.

SRE deals with such issues as conception, contraception, HIV and Aids, teenage pregnancy and other related sexual issues.

Sex and Relationships Education is delivered through extended assembly periods and tutor time.

Girl Talk/Boy Talk are sessions delivered to students in small groups during assembly periods. This consists of 3-4 sessions based on:

Year 8 girls - puberty, body changes and relationships.

Year 9 boys - puberty and relationships.

Year 10 girls – relationships, contraception and STIs

The idea is to cover these topics in smaller, single sex sessions to enable the groups to feel more able to discuss their feelings and ask questions.  There are a number of exercises to encourage this in a less formal manner.

We provide a well planned sex and relationship education programme, delivered through PSHE which aims to:

  • promote the ability to make informed decisions/understand choices

  • facilitate communication on sexual matter

  • combat ignorance and increase understanding

  • reduce guilt and anxiety

  • promote responsible behaviour

  • combat exploitation

  • begin to develop educational skills for future parents and child carers

Year 7


Total= 6.5 hours


PSHE: one PSHE lesson on sexting and keeping safe online

Assemblies: one assembly from STAR on keeping safe online and relationships online

Science: lessons on reproductive systems, fertilisation, pregnancy and the menstrual cycle.  In science, there may be time this year to also cover sexual health at the end of the year.


Year 8


Total= girls- 7.5 hours, boys-5.5 hours


‘Girl Talk’- 2 hours with every girl in year 8

PSHE: 7 lessons on ‘being in a relationship- what does this mean?’, positive relationships, coping with loss/ break-ups, consent and unstable relationships, sexual activity and the importance of waiting, STIs and contraception.

Assemblies: 2 assemblies.  Both from STAR on positive relationships, consent and unstable relationships.


Year 9


Total: 5 hours


STAR workshop on relationships in IKNOW time. 30 mins every tutor group.

PSHE: 5 lessons on changing bodies, confidence, sexting, how the media portrays young people.

Assemblies: One assembly by STAR on preventing sexting

Science: 1 lesson on sperm structure.


Year 10


Total: 6 hours


Boy Talk- 2 hours with every boy in year 10.

Girl Talk- 2 hours with every girl in year 10 on contraception.

PSHE: 2 lessons on coping with emotions and maintaining healthy relationships and friendships.

Assemblies: one assembly from STAR on maintaining healthy friendships and relationships

Science: 2 lessons, one on inheritance and one on STIs.


Year 11


Total: 4 hours


Science: 2 lessons, one on hormones and one on the menstrual cycle.

Assembly: one assembly on healthy relationships and abuse and one on preventing teenage pregnancy

Total SRE:

Girls- 29 hours

Boys- 27 hours