PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic)



Mr S Cowan - Head of PSHE


Our Personal, Social, Health and Economic curriculum is designed to prepare pupils for life in Britain today. The aim is to provide pupils with the key skills required to help them become resilient, confident and knowledgeable young people, whilst developing their spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness. By beginning to give pupils these high-quality key skills, we are able to make sure that they are prepared for life beyond Redbridge. These skills are designed to be developed as they progress through the school.  Within our PSHE curriculum, pupils also learn Religious Education, learning how different religions view each of the topics studied in PSHE.

KS3 Subject Content

The PSHE curriculum at KS3 includes units such as healthy living, poverty, money management, relationships, hygiene and disability. The aim of these units is to check pupils’ current understanding of the key areas and to build on their knowledge through group discussion, games, written work and role play. Pupils should begin to deepen their understanding of what it is to be a British citizen and how they contribute to our society.




KS4 Subject Content

The PSHE curriculum at KS4 includes units such as first aid, dealing with emotions, the economy, rights and responsibilities, CV writing, careers and further education. We aim to build on skills and knowledge that has been acquired during KS3. It is important that pupils begin to think about how they are preparing themselves for their future as well as their position within the wider world.

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