Learn With Us Workshop on Higher Education

On Monday 22nd November a team from Southampton University joined us to give us a hint of university life. The team explained to us about the studies, the after-school clubs, activities, the housing and lifestyle in university.

Then we watched a video, where we answered some interesting questions about the University. The video was an introduction and a guide to ‘Southampton University ‘.

Meanwhile, lots of us questioned the team; I suppose we were very interested in going to university. After the introduction and explanation, we took part in different, fun activities that increased our knowledge of the university. We also designed a poster in groups, where we had to choose a course and explain in detail about it to everyone else.

We were given a prospectus with information about all the different courses. The challenge was that we only have 10 minutes to find

the information and produce the poster! All in all we had an amazing time and I’m sure most of us are thinking of going into higher education.

The Noisy Classroom

This is a tutor programme that we have introduced this year looking at different articles discussing and debating the big question of the day. Some of the big questions have been;

  • Should teachers be replaced with robots?
  • Should every child own a pet?
  • Should dangerous sports be banned?

The idea behind the new initiative is preparing students for higher education, where a lot of learning is taken place through small seminar groups, discussing and listening to opinions of others.

In the New Year we have many visits to the University planned for Years 8 to 10 and workshops for the Year 7s all through Southampton University.

Other News

March 22, 2024
 Our Year 7 and 8 British Science Week Roller coasters!
March 18, 2024
The Faraday Challenge 2024! -15 year 8’s attended the challenge, with 1 of our teams winning & now possibly going to the national finals. Well done!
March 15, 2024
10 and Y11 English GCSE student’s had an opportunity to see Blood Brothers at the Mayflower Theatre on our evening trip, great fun had by all!
March 14, 2024
Period 5 of a day of intensive English for year 11… Still working hard!!
March 13, 2024
The Year 10/11 Basketball team won in their finals match at Southampton Solent Sports Complex. The team were playing against The Kings School and won the game in the final seconds – a very dramatic and exciting finish. The boys showed maturity and determination throughout & were worthy winners!
March 13, 2024
Some quiet reading in the library today with students peacefully enjoying their books