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Mrs L Bulloch - Teacher of Hair & Beauty (Vocational Learning)


KS4 Subject Content

Qualification Name: Level 2 Technical Award in Hair and Beauty Studies

Exam board: City and Guilds

The Level 2 Technical Award in Hair and Beauty Studies allows learners to gain theoretical knowledge and a small number of technical skills, related to the hair and beauty sector, not usually acquired through general education.

These technical qualifications can also form part of the City & Guilds TechBac – a new programme of study designed to give 14 - 19 year olds the technical and professional skills needed to progress from FE onto an apprenticeship, into university or into the modern jobs market.

This qualification will help  learners develop the workplace skills required by employers, TechBac goes above and beyond the technical qualification. It combines an accredited project qualification, practical work experience and skills development

The qualification develops the following knowledge, understanding and skills:


  • specific services carried out within the hair and beauty sectors, roles and responsibilities and typical working patterns

  • evolution of hair and beauty from use in Ancient times to the mid-90s

  • how technological advancements, changes to the economy, and social factors have influenced the sector

  • chemistry of cosmetics and biology related to hair and beauty

  • uses of design and images for business use

  • technical hair styling, make-up and manicure skills

This qualification covers 1 synoptic assessment which students will cover three practical services from styling hair, make-up application and a manicure from a different era. Students will link this to a research project covering set requirements.


There is also a two hour theory based exam that will cover the hair and beauty sector, links to the hair and beauty sector and Hair and beauty science.

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