Mr A Bone - Head of Geography

Mrs E Percival - Second in Geography


KS3 Subject Content

Year 7


Students will study the development of the UK and the different areas and environments within the British Isles. Migration into the UK and around the country is contained as well as a unit on how to develop mapping skills. The year ends with the study of rivers in the local area. Assessment is a mixture of knowledge and skills tests.

Year 8


Human interaction with the environment is the key factor in Year 8. Earthquakes and volcanoes are taught alongside the theme of managing the effects of them. An in depth study of the environments of Africa, with a key focus on Kenya and how water is managed, wasted and used around the world. A case study on the Aral Sea and the people that live around it is produced. We study the economic development and settlement in Japan using a wide range of mapping skills to develop an understanding of the way people live. Sustainable living and the Wonders of the World finishes the year.

KS4 Subject Content

Qualification Name: GCSE Geography

Exam board: AQA

Throughout Year 9 - 11 assessment is frequent and progress is tracked and recorded monthly

Year 9


The content will cover a Ecosystems using the rain forest and Hot deserts as the ecosystems, using Malaysia and Sahara/Sahel as the cases studies. Resource management with a focus on energy and energy security in the UK. tectonic and weather hazards, which covers earthquakes and volcanoes, tropical storms, extreme weather in the UK and climate change. The last unit they study will be the UK landscapes - coasts. This requires a field trip to Hengistbury Head to complete coastal data collection and the impact process can have on the environment. Assessment will take place frequently using past exam papers, issue evaluation, numerical skills and map skills.

Year 10


A study of Urban Issues and Challenges and the growth of the megacities. Their focus case studies are Lagos and Southampton. We also study the changing economic world and the Changing UK Landscapes section 2 - Rivers. There is a paper one and two exam at the end of the year. 

Year 11


Is spent consolidating the course, and concentrating in revision, issue evaluation and fieldwork skills in order to prepare them for the final exams in the summer. The fieldwork for paper 3 is conducted in the September, which is then produced onto a poster and used for revision. In March we also will be sent the pre release material for the first section of the paper 3 exam.  There will be 2 stages of mock exams, in which the students will sit Papers 1, 2 and 3 in each stage.

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