Information you need to know about exams at Redbridge this summer:


Exam Timetable


Students should receive their exam timetable at the end of February. This details any written exam that students are entered for. Practical exams are arranged by Heads of Department and they will let students known when this is confirmed.


Students Must check their timetable thoroughly to ensure they are entered for the subjects they we expecting. If there are any problems, students should speak to Mrs Bell as soon as possible.



SMT Breakfast Revision


SMT Breakfast Revision begins in March from 7.30am – 8.25am every Tuesday and Thursday, come to the hall for breakfast to revise. Resources will be available for you to use and one to one help should you need it.

Breakfast revision will take place on every exam day. Teachers of the subject being examined that day will join you to answer any last minute questions and help you prepare for the exam.



Exam Start times


Official start time for exams are 9am for morning exams and 1.30pm for afternoon exams. All students must arrive and report to the quad 30 minutes before this start time.




Student should come prepared for their exam. Only black should be used in any written exam. Spare stationary will be provided. Students may take a bottle of water into the exam hall but any labels must be removed. Students must be in full school uniform.

Under no circumstances should any mobile phones, MP3/4 players, iPod or iWatches be taken into the exam hall. Please leave these at home.


Seating plans


Seating plans will be published prior to the exam on the exam board by reception. Please check to see where you are sitting. Any problems please see Mrs Bell as soon as possible.


Access Arrangements

All access arrangements will be catered for in each exam. If you have any questions about these, please contact Mrs Lunn prior to the exams.




Exam times and dates cannot be changed and are set by the exam board. However, if a student is unable to attend an examination, please telephone the school reception as soon as possible. A medical note must support any absence and should be given to Mrs Trumper in reception as soon as possible.

If a student does not attend an examination and does not have a valid reason, a charge for the entry of that examination will be made.



If a student is going to be late due to an unforeseen circumstance, please telephone the school office to inform Mrs Trumper. As soon as the student arrives at the school, he/she must go straight to the office.


Exam Finish Times

Exam timetables will state how long each exam is. Students will be expected to remain in the exam hall for the entire exam – no one will be allowed to leave early.


Results Day - Date TBC


Students can normally arrive at school to collect a statement of their results from 10am to 11.30am. Any that are not collected by students will be sent home in the post.

Certificates will be awarded to students during our certificate Presentation Evening in November. An invitation will be sent to students with details of the evening. Any certificates not claimed on this evening, can be collected from Mrs Trumper in reception during school hours.