Mr S Solomon - Head of Art

Mrs J Clemmens- Teacher of Art

Ms C Penny- Teacher of Art




KS3 Subject Content


Year 7


Art at KS3 is delivered once a fortnight and as ‘Creative Art’ included in the technology rotation.

During year 7 art lessons students explore different artistic styles & techniques which are inspired by countries around the world. For example, dot painting from Australia and Indian mandalas. Using the art styles an inspiration, students are taught the basic principles of art to provide a wider knowledge of skills. These include mark making, drawing techniques, colour theory and printmaking.

For ‘Creative Art’, the unit generally lasts between 7 - 9 weeks and is designed to give a taste of working as a designer or artist. Students create 3D ceramic pieces inspired by doodle artists such as Jon Burgerman and Charlotte Mei. This project teaches them the basics in ceramic work such as creating slabs, attaching clay together and modelling 3D pinch pots. Students are assessed on their knowledge of key words and practical 3D skills at the end of the unit.


Year 8

During year 8 art continues to be delivered once a fortnight. During year 8 the students complete two projects which build on the skills taught previously. Students are assessed on their knowledge and skills at the end of each term.

Initially they explore the vibrant styles of Pop Art by researching the 1960s movements as well as the artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Artwork is made as a response using images from popular culture and introducing techniques such as stencilling and collage.

Later in the year more personal responses are encouraged through a drawing-based project titled ‘My Culture which takes inspiration from illustrators and graffiti artists. Students are supported in creating artwork that connects with their own personalities and interests.


KS4 Subject Content


This exciting Art & Design qualification can be achieved through three different pathways. Students must decide which route (Art, Textiles or Photography) will best suit their creative interests and skills.

The information on this page is for Art.

An Art and Design course with a focus on practical, drawing and research skills. This course is ideal for students who want to showcase their ability in 2D and 3D art. Studying this subject will provide students with a portfolio of work which can be used to apply for creative courses at college. Art & design can lead to careers in architecture, advertising, film, TV, theatre, make-up, graphic design, gaming and galleries as well as fantastic opportunities for self-employment.

The course is focused on the ability to design and complete 2D and 3D Art with all research and evidence being presented as a sketchbook portfolio. This course is well suited to students who want to combine their passion for being creative with an interest in exploring and mastering new techniques; for example use of our dedicated facilities for clay and ceramics. Other mediums such as painting, sculpture, printmaking and drawing are also popular.

The course has a compulsory element of writing and drawing where students are expected to research and write about themes and ideas, analyse artists work in detail and annotate and evaluate their own work.

The final GCSE grade is based on a coursework unit (Unit 1: 60%) and an externally set assignment (Unit 2: 40%). In addition to normal teaching, unit 2 requires students to work independently (under exam conditions) for a 10 hour period. All work is assessed using 4 assessment objectives:

AO1: Develop Ideas (worth 25% of total marks)
The ability to research and analyse the work of historic and current artists.

AO2: Refine Ideas (worth 25% of total marks)
The ability to be creative and explore new techniques, equipment and ideas.

AO3: Record Ideas (worth 25% of total marks)
The ability to use drawings, photos and annotation to record your ideas, thoughts and planning.

AO4: Present Ideas (worth 25% of total marks)
The ability to present a project that addresses and follows a specific theme (e.g. anti-racism).

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